Sunday, June 20, 2021

Portfolio 02 Week 01

Environment Part 01

For this week, I decided to concept out how I would want Rapunzel's rococo tower to look like.

Here are my references.

After gathering references, I starting doing thumbnail design for the tower's shape. I tried to keep my tone words in mind throughout the process, which were - thriving, graceful, ornamental, and aristocratic.

After deciding on the design, I blocked out the tower in Maya in order to save time for painting the final piece. Here is the render.

After bringing the render into photoshop, I first did a quick rough paint over to see what direction I would want to go with the lighting and surrounding environment. 

Once I was satisfied with my direction, I created the final concept of the tower.

Here are the orthographics of the tower based off of the blockout I made in Maya.

Sunday, June 13, 2021

Portfolio 01 Week 04

Character Designs Week 04

This week, I focused on Prince Luca's design.

Here is are the main references I used and the initial thumbnail drawings that I started with. I used these drawings as a chance to experiment with different outfits that would affect the mood of the character. I eventually went with a mix of B, G, and J.

Here are the color combos that were considered.




And here are all the characters fully finished.

Saturday, June 12, 2021

Sprint #2 Delivery

 For this sprint,  I focused on the hero asset --> The Goblin King's throne.





In Engine

Sunday, June 6, 2021

Portfolio 01 Week 03

Character Designs Week 03

This week, I worked on Gothel's design. In this story, Gothel is sweet and a grandmother by this time in Rapunzel's life. She enjoys gardening and taking strolls in town, often seen with books in her hands for Rapunzel.

Here are some of Gothel's initial designs. I was trying to explore different shapes that could be done with the body and big dress. I found myself gravitating more toward a short and compact figure.

Once I decided how I wanted the body to be, I tried exploring different outfit designs. I decided to go with the first one since that seemed the most age appropriate and made Gothel look more approachable.

After deciding the clothes, I moved on to Gothel's expressions. I really wanted her face to squish and stretch with the expressions since her skin isn't as bouncy as it may have been in her youth.

Here are some different color iterations for Gothel's dress. I decided going with the purple palette since it seemed to look nice with Rapunzel's design.

Here is Gothel's orthographic.

This next week, I will be focusing on Prince Luca's design.

Monday, May 31, 2021

Portfolio 01 Week 02

Character Designs Week 02

This week I focused on solidifying Rapunzel's design and creating her facial expressions, expressive poses, and orthographic. I was originally going to be working on Frau Gothel this week but major story changes happened, allowing me to continue Rapunzel instead.

The Story

    The story is set in the early 18th century, during the Rococo movement in Italy. The story begins with Rapunzel being adopted by Frau Gothel --> Gothel is NOT the bad guy. Rapunzel lives with Gothel in her tower that oversees Gothel's beautiful garden. Rapunzel and the kingdom's prince, Prince Luca, become best friends at a very young age. They of course have a crush on each other but are too young to realize or admit it. Prince Luca expresses to Rapunzel that he loves her hair, so he is the reason Rapunzel keeps her hair long. As Rapunzel grows older, she starts developing agoraphobia, a severe anxiety specifically related to her leaving her house, the environment she feels safest in. Rapunzel resorts to reading to allow her mind to explore different worlds in the comfort of her home. Gothel and Prince Luca spoil Rapunzel and bring her as many books as she wants.
    Rapunzel is now 16 and it is time for her to be looking for a suitor. By this time her tower is filled to the brim with books. Prince Luca visits whenever he is free of his duties. Even though the tower has stairs, Prince Luca enjoys climbing up Rapunzel's hair. Gothel treats the prince as if he is one of the family. Gothel keeps pressuring Rapunzel that she needs to get out of the tower and find a suitor, someone to take care of her. Rapunzel is still very resistant to leaving, though the prince invites her to a ball. It is not the first time he has invited her to one, she has refused too many invitations for him to count, but that doesn't stop him from asking again. 16 year old Rapunzel still has a crush on Prince Luca and gives this invitation more thought, ultimately giving him a promising "Yes." Gothel becomes ecstatic.
    Gothel and Rapunzel are getting ready for the ball. From the outside it looks like they have a wonderful time putting on their dresses, makeup, and fixing up their hair. Although in Rapunzel's mind, the thought of leaving scared her more and more. When it comes time to leave, Rapunzel changes her mind and decides not to go. Gothel is distraught and she begins arguing with Rapunzel. Rapunzel becomes very defensive and argues back. Suddenly Gothel breaks down crying and expresses a sad truth to Rapunzel that she has been keeping secret. After multiple visits to the doctor, she has been diagnosed with an illness that will eventually take her life. After she is gone, there will be no one left to take care of Rapunzel, thus the urgency for Rapunzel to find a suitor. This shakes Rapunzel to her core, giving her the courage to overcome her fear. 
    Prince Luca comes back to the tower after the ball has ended, in search of Rapunzel. Rapunzel tells him what happens and asks him for help in dealing with her anxiety. Prince Luca starts working with Rapunzel through exposure therapy to ease her out into the world more and more. After some time, Rapunzel successfully leaves her tower. Prince Luca proposes to her and they are wed. Gothel is able to attend the wedding and watch the couple live happily ever after.

After solidifying the story I will be designing everything off of, here are the final designs of Rapunzel.

Character Illustration

Facial Expressions



This next week, I will begin working on Frau Gothel's designs and finish.

Friday, May 28, 2021

Sprint #1 Delivery

For this sprint, I mainly worked on finishing the textures for the Goblin King's tower and starting on the high res sculpt of the globin king throne.

Here is the schedule I followed and will be following for future sprints, the ones highlighted in red being hero assets.

Here are the final textures for the Goblin King's tower.

And here is the progress done on the sculpt for the Goblin King's throne. I was able to put the model into ZBrush and get started with the crown.

Sunday, May 23, 2021

Portfolio 01 Week 01

Character Designs Week 01

This week our portfolio project was announced. Since I am focusing on concept art, I am planning on using this opportunity to go through the whole development process for the Brothers Grimm story, Rapunzel. I plan on referring to the book, "The Skillful Huntsman," to guide me, as well as examples seen in portfolios from other visual development artists working in the industry.

Below is my schedule for the whole project.

I know it looks like a lot, and it is but knowing how I work, it seems doable. I estimate to work around 6 hrs a day on this. We'll see how that pans out after the first week.

To help organize myself more, I made a PureRef board showing what I would ideally want for each portfolio sprint. It is displayed below.

The first 4 weeks will be focused on character designs. I plan on designing 5 characters. The most important ones are Rapunzel, Frau Gothel, and the Prince. Therefore, if I get cut short on time, the last week spent on the parents would be cut and I would focus on have 3 really well-designed characters. 

This week, I have started designing Rapunzel. I started off with a PureRef of everything that I could think of when it came to a Rapunzel character. 

After creating the PureRef, I began making a bunch of thumbnail sketches for Rapunzel's silhouette. I tried not to constrain myself so that I could really explore in this stage.

I ended up going with a design where her hair is all bunched up at the top because it reminded me of the cabbage plant Rapunzel is named after, called "rampion". Because it looked too mature I changed the design to make it look younger.

After creating that design, I decided I wanted to theme everything in a Rococo style. This was the PureRef I used. I wanted to make sure I included the frills, flowers and big dresses. Below are the various design passes I did for that.

Finally after deciding Rapunzel's design, I thought about her character. I decided that her character would not want to leave the tower and that she enjoyed staying there. That will cause later story changes as well that I'll explain as I get to them. Because Rapunzel enjoys staying in her tower, I decided to make her happy and almost spoiled by Frau Gothel. Below is her final design that I will be finishing and coloring in the next week.